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Want to know what my 3 top tips for writers are? Thank you @NewsToNovel for having me!

As an author, one of the most asked questions we get asked is ‘what advice would you give to new authors, or those who are unsure about going for it?’. Want to know something ironic? It’s actually one of the most difficult questions to answer because ‘not one size fits all’, different strokes for different folks…you catch my drift. Anyway, recently I had the pleasure of joining NewshoundToNovelist to share my top three tips with you all, and thank you to NewshoundToNovelist for asking me to be a part of their ‘Author Advice’ feature! You can check out my top tips on the link below:

Author Advice – My top three writing tips with @NewsToNovel

For more author advice and other literary related posts, you too can follow NewshoundToNovelist via the link above, and also on Twitter – @NewsToNovel!

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