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The Sunshine and Biscotti Club by Jenny Oliver

Today on my column, I’m delighted to share with you my review of Jenny Oliver’s The Sunshine and Biscotti Club.

First of all can we just take a look at the cover … this oozes gorgeousness! I knew the second I set eyes on it I just had to read it. What’s even better, the minute I opened the book I was transported to Tuscany, the ovens were pre-heating, the prosecco was chilling and I wanted to visit Hotel Limoncello.

The story alternates between three leading ladies.

Libby Price, food blogger and owner of Hotel Limoncello. This was her life’s dream, with only a few weeks to go until the renovations are finished her life is Instagram perfect, until she catches her husband cheating. With the husband now out of the picture she calls upon her friends from her university days to help to get everything ready.

Eve, is mum to twins, her marriage to Peter isn’t working. A trip to Italy to help Libby open The Sunshine and Biscotti club might be the perfect escape.

Then there is Jessica, who has thrown herself into her work to shut out the memory of the man who never loved her back.

Even though the three friends have been separated for years, it doesn’t take long for their true friendships to shine once more.

This is a warm hearted and cosy tale. The story kept me interested all the way through. I especially enjoyed the scenes where they created recipes for the Sunshine and Biscotti Club! They were mouth-wateringly good and I found myself wanting to bake biscotti!

The Sunshine and Biscotti Club by Jenny Oliver, is the perfect summer romance. It captures dreams, friendship and goals in an awe-inspiring way. The writing is exquisite, the characters adorable and the plot engaging. It was a pure joy to read and left me filled with happiness.

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