Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Number one on iTunes within hours of release! Christie Barlow’s The New Doctor at Peony Practice published by @0neMoreChapter_

The latest book in the Love Heart Lane series has rocketed to Number One in the iTunes Chart only hours after release ❤️

The perfect publication celebration!

The iconic Love Heart Lane series created by Christie Barlow has now sold over a quarter of a million copies.


‘A gorgeous treat of a book…the very best uplifting read you’ll get your hands on this summer!’ Faith Hogan #1 Bestselling author of The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what

All’s fair in love and…medicine?

Dr Katie O’Neil has only been in Heartcross a few hours when she finds herself already ruffling feathers – not least with medical school nemesis and new colleague Ben Sanders.

Katie’s the woman Ben loves to hate and until now he’d hoped he’d never set eyes on her again but now she’s back – and living next door!

When a charity boat race down the River Heart puts the two in direct competition, sparks fly. The winner takes it all, but who will it be? And will their prize be far more than they were expecting…

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