Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Number 1 Bestseller for Primrose Park by Christie Barlow

Primrose Park… Readers can’t get enough of the Love Heart Lane series written by Christie Barlow. Her latest novel was released on 30th April 2021 and rocketed straight to Number 1 in the iTunes charts, top 10 on the WHSmith’s e-book Kobo Charts and became a number 1 Bestseller on Amazon. Huge congratulations to Christie and One More Chapter, global publishing division of HarperCollins UK.

This is the sixth book in the Love Heart Lane series.

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what

Vet Molly has always been career driven and focussed on caring for her animals, but when she meets a gorgeous Mystery Man at a conference and their connection is off the charts, well, one night off work won’t hurt anyone…except the next morning he’s vanished and all Molly knows about him is his first name.

Three months later, back in Love Heart Lane, everyone loves the story of Molly’s amazing one-night stand.  It’s so unlike her! But when Mystery Man turns up walking his dog through Primrose Park and their night together seems to mean nothing to him, Molly needs her friends and neighbours more than ever. And especially when she’s left with the most unexpected of surprises…

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