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Most of my books are 99p on Kindle UK TODAY ONLY!


I’m really excited today as ten of my books are on a very special offer on Kindle UK. It’s known as a ‘gold box’ and is only available on a Sunday for eBooks. To be eligible for a gold box offer, an author must have at least six books with the same publisher and they need to have been retailing at £2.99 for at least two months before the 99p gold box deal is secured so that readers are genuinely getting a good offer.

These include the first ten books in the Love Heart Lane series. You will find links for the books on my home page.

Love Heart Lane

Foxglove Farm

Clover Cottage

Starcross Manor

The Lake House

Primrose Park

Heart ross Castle

The New Doctor at Peony Practice

New Beginnings at the old Bakehouse

The Hidden Secrets of Bumblebee Cottage

Love Heart Lane where friends are there for you no matter what….


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