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Exclusive Interview: Mama Life’s Resident Author Christie Barlow Meets Author Cathy Bramley

Welcome to my new book column which is featured in Mama Life Magazine! This month I am absolutely delighted to bring you my exclusive interview with the uber talented Cathy Bramley!

When I first saw my own book in the charts it was doing the hokey cokey with an author called Cathy Bramley. She was in the number one spot and I was out, then I was in the number one spot and she was out. When I clicked on her twitter profile I was immediately in awe and downloaded all of her books! I was her biggest fan and when she followed me back on twitter I have to admit, I ran around the garden shouting OMG! Now it’s two years on and not only is Cathy Bramley my friend but is here today for a chat about her new book white lies and wishes. so without further ado ….

The full interview can be read here!


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