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Evie’s Year of Taking Chances is a contender for Petra Quelch’s Sparkly Word – book of 2017!

​​​Christie Barlow is one of my favourite authors, and she seems to get better and better with every new book! I absolutely adored her first two books ( and not just because I am a mother ).
Evie’s Years of Taking Chances has got to be one of my favourite from Christie Barlow. I adored every single character in this story, and the theme of the book is the ultimate dream for any bookworm out there! Libraries always seem to cast a particular spell on me, and there is why I couldn’t be pulled away from this compelling story. Evie was such a fabulous character and so easy to relate to, and even though she did not have a great childhood until she met Irene, Evie managed to carve herself a lovely life filled with a set of great friends like Clara and Aiden and the perfect job.
Aside from the delightful cast the plotline is fast flowing and oozing romance and unexpected twist and turns that made my attention firmly stuck to every page.
Evie’s Year of Taking Chances is a contender for my book of the year 2017!

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