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Ever wondered what I get up to on a daily basis? I spoke to Female First about my everyday antics – check it out!

I had the honour of speaking to women’s lifestyle magazine, Female First, about ‘A Day In The Life Of Me’, just incase anyone was sitting there wondering ‘what DOES Christie Barlow get up to everyday?’. Now you can find out about Woody’s favourite pastime, find out the identity of who helps me put the world to rights on a daily basis, as well as why my daily life resembles a zoo. No, really, it does. The only difference is – I don’t sell tickets! Well, now there’s a thought!

Intrigued? Funnily enough I thought you might be! Thank you to Female First (make sure you follow them on twitter @FemaleFirst_UK) for having me! You can read my article over on the Female First website right here!

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