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Christie Barlow has done it again! The Vintage Flower Van on Love Heart Lane gives Barlow her 8th consecutive number 1 at the the top of the downloads chart hours after release.

The Dream Team that is Christie Barlow, Charlotte Ledger, publisher of One More Chapter, a global division of HarperCollins and Laura McCallen, chief editor in charge is just a magical combination. The iconic Love Heart Lane series just goes from strength to strength with readers waiting for the next book by Barlow to hit their kindle. Avid fans were not disappointed when The Vintage Flower Van on Love Heart Lane, Barlow’s latest instalment of the series was released on 23rd May 2024 and once again rose to the top of the iTunes chart giving Barlow her 8th consecutive number 1 at the top of the downloads chart. Twenty-four hours later, Barlow’s latest novel was climbing fast in the Top 100 of the UK Amazon Charts.

The race to save the vintage flower van is on!

Flowers are Florrie Appleton’s life, so when her beloved Aunt Ada passes, and she’s swiftly issued with an eviction notice and told to vacate Rose Cottage, shutter her Vintage Flower Van business, and leave behind Ada’s gorgeous gardens, she’s devastated.

But Florrie is not one to go down without a fight, even if the developer she’s taking on is run by Tom Houston, the man who broke her heart at uni all those years ago.

Tom may have had the upper hand then, but Florrie has the whole of Heartcross behind her now, and as history has shown, there’s nothing this tiny Scottish hamlet can’t accomplish when they band together…

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what

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