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#Bookreview My Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts @_caroroberts Reviewed for Mama Life Magazine

When a seaside escape spells a little romance …

In the first chapter we meet Claire Maxwell who is currently taking a short break from work. After splitting up from her husband Paul and surviving cancer her past year has been inevitably painful but she has the feeling that change is about to happen. She is ready for a bright new chapter in her life when she winds her way to the coast for a cosy cottage retreat in the seaside town of Bamburgh. She prays that three weeks of blissful peace and summer sunshine will wash away the pain of last year and put the sparkle back in her life.

After pondering what to do with her break she begins to make a list, make bread, have a bath, dance in the rain but her plan for peaceful solitude goes awry when a handsome but grumpy guy called Ed turns up in the cottage next door. Will a little summer romance prove the worst distraction? Or might it be the perfect remedy?

The story was beautifully written with gorgeous descriptions of the perfect setting, sun, sea and romance. Roberts tackles serious issues within the story line and executes the plot with such sensitivity and honesty. Such an outstanding exquisitely written tale which was an absolute joy to read and definitely not one to be missed.

Reading My Summer of Magic Moments was like eating a box of delicious chocolates, I savoured every moment, every chapter and I wanted more.

A simply scrumptious story.

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