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#Bookreview Meet me at The Lighthouse by @MaryJayneBaker @HarperImpulse

OH MY! Meet me at the Lighthouse by Mary Jayne Baker is a serious contender for my favourite book of 2017. Without a doubt, Harper Impulse are not only fabulous at designing their covers but have the unique talent to search out books with a difference.

I loved this book from the outset, Bobbie Hannigan is as mad as me and immediately I warmed to the character. It was her birthday and not only did she impulsively buy a lighthouse for one pound (which would be something I would do), but she met the love of her life once more, her childhood sweetheart, Ross Mason, the gorgeous musician, the first boy she ever kissed. After a drunken reunion Ross puts up half the money, 50p and becomes a joint owner of the once glorious Cragport Victorian Lighthouse, their plan to turn it into a music venue, but it’s safe to say everything wasn’t always plain sailing.

For me, this book was impossible to put down, I read it in a couple of days with a silly grin etched on my face. It was an uplifting story, moved at great pace, all the characters were charming and I simply adored the setting.

The story had the right amount of giggles, romance and learning curves of life. This book by Mary Jayne Baker is definitely one for your summer holiday!

A story that is just perfection and full of fun.

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