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A story and characters that will capture your heart

A story and characters that will capture your heart.

Evie’s Year of Taking Chances is a fabulous story filled with the most wonderful characters. This has to be one of the first books where there wasn’t one character that I didn’t like and enjoy reading about.

Evie I took to straight away. She hasn’t had the easiest of starts to life but that all changed when Irene came into her life. She loves her job in the local library and she has a great set of friends, especially Clara who she works with. Clara certainly brings some fun to the book and she is a great friend to Evie. So much so, that Evie lets Clara move in with her as they get on so well.

Being a book lover, this really is the ideal book for readers who love a good story which is laced with romance and where books are a big part of the characters lives. I mean we have Evie, Clara and Aiden who work in the library, there is a lovely cafe run by Mim where they hold the book clubs, throw some authors and wanna be writers in there and you have the perfect ingredients for a great book.

As my biggest love of genres is crime, I always love to be taken by surprise. Who knew that there could be twists, turns and surprises galore in this genre of novel? I loved that I didn’t fully know what was in store for me and it had my heart pounding madly with all the emotions I was going through.

Evie’s Year of Taking Chances was a book I wanted to climb into and lose myself totally into. As a devout book lover, parts of Evie’s life I was so envious of. To work with books, to socialise where books are the main topic it was like the author was writing of my own dreams. This is such a feel good book that broaches on some tough topics but written expertly as ever by a wonderful author. Loved it!

Review by Sarah Hardy – The Letterbook Reviews


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