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A Family Holiday by Bella Osborne

Bella Osborne’s writing is warm and welcoming and A Family Holiday is a beautiful and unusual story about love and family which entwines stories of two well-crafted female characters but centres around, Charlie, a nanny who is temporarily in charge of four quirky but loveable children.

When tragedy strikes, Charlie is forced to decide whether it’s time to move on or fight to keep the children she loves.

Part of the story is set in Antigua and the descriptions of the island are so utterly gorgeous that I could almost feel the sand between my toes!
I fell in love with these warm and engaging characters that make you root for them all to have a happy ending.

The story has exactly the right balance between humour, sadness, hope and happiness. There are moments where you will be laughing out loud, and others where your heartstrings will be pulled by this extraordinary story.

With a smattering of romance and a wonderful real cast this is an ideal summery beach read, perfect for the fans of Katie Fforde and Carole Matthews.

A Family Holiday is a fantastic book and an absolute must-read. Click here to order.

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