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You won’t regret any of Christie’s books so why not start with this one and then buy them all!

Evie’s Year of Taking Chances – Review by For the Love of Chick Lit
I loved this book! Obviously, I’m a reader so Libraries appeal to me. The librarian storyline in this book I absolutely loved. There is romance, mystery and likable characters. Right from the first chapter, even though you don’t immediately meet Noah or Irene or even Evie’s birth family, you bond with her and you know her goal early on.
I did love the characters as well. One thing that was refreshing for me is how almost innocent and sweet Evie is, despite her rough childhood and past. Isn’t it amazing that with just the right person our whole lives can turn in a direction we never even thought possible? Irene is that person for Evie. It seemed so true to the whole ‘foster kid’ atmosphere as well. They are shipped from home to home, never really finding the ‘family’ they long for. A lot of kids never do, which is so sad. I was glad to see Evie find that, even though she is a fictional character I feel like many people who have been through a similar foster situation will easily bond with her.
This book almost had that ‘cozy mystery’ vibe with the mysterious package and the hunt for Evie’s past. The mysterious love interest, Noah, which is a lot of the reason I turned the pages so quickly. I loved that mysterious plot even though it didn’t contain a ‘who done it’ aspect.
I’ve read a few of Christie’s books now and they never ever disappoint me. This one was definitely no different.
-A lot of things were awesome about this story. I loved the characters, everyone from Evie to Carla & Aiden, even the UPS driver… they all had such an understated elegance to them that it made them really easy to love.
-Noah – before I even met Noah I knew I’d love him. Christie set him up early on so perfectly that he was easy to like, even with his mysterious self.
-The library setting. Who doesn’t love a librarian? They always seem so knowledgeable and watchful. They don’t do a lot of talking but you just know they love to read anything they can get their hands on so their outlook on the world is so much different than a nonreader.
-The cover! It’s so gorgeous! It’s fitting of the story and the genre, which is not surprising considering it’s a Bookouture book.
Yes! It’s a great read for anyone who loves chick lit, or mysterious heartwarming storylines. Christie is a great writer of reality and really makes you feel a part of the story. I read this in one day and literally couldn’t turn the pages fast enough until the last couple chapters. Then I wanted to slow down!
You won’t regeret any of Christie’s books so why not start with this one and then buy them all!
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